Supply Disaster, your number one source for online medical supplies. Born out of a need to help ease the cataclysmic effects of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Supply Disaster Inc. is dedicated to providing you the very best in medical supplies and equipment, with an emphasis on high-quality products and on-time delivery.

Supply Disaster is the result of a collective team of exemplary, experienced professionals from various verticals. We have come together in this crisis and joined forces to provide much needed aid to our community. Our solid global contacts, diverse professional backgrounds, passion and determination to contribute to the fight against coronavirus propelled us to start this online medical supply store. Our goal is to provide effective solutions to medical professionals, first responders and the community as a whole.  

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Marius Koller  •  CEO & Co Founder

Marius Koller • CEO & Co Founder

Education in Import & Export with studies in Business and Marketing at BWA Munich. Co-Founder of House Yacht Living, Founder of Global Assets Consulting, RA at BHS and Business Broker Florida Member. Former: Co-Founder of Body Health Center, Manager at Paracelsus Schools - No. 1 training institute for alternative healing methods and prevention. Sales Director Hyatt, VP...

Claudia Trimde  •  CFO & Co Founder

Claudia Trimde • CFO & Co Founder

Daughter of renowned Dr.Trimde with clinic in Germany and Grand Daughter of Doctor of Dentistry in Berlin, Claudia Trimde grew up surrounded by a medical environment. Master of Arts in Business Management, graduated with honors and scholarship at the University of Miami and Glasgow University. E-Commerce and Business Technology Consultant. International award-winning Publisher and Founder of worldwide...

Ben Lukas  •  COO & Partner

Ben Lukas • COO & Partner

CEO of The Miami Insider and Commercial Sales Director for House Yacht Living. After relocating from New York City in 2015, he has successfully directed and spearheaded various sales strategies at the corporate level over the last 8+ years. With focus to details and education he believes that team building is the cornerstone for success.

Robert Steinke • European Director of Operations & Managing Member

Robert Steinke • European Director of Operations & Managing Member

Founder and co-founder of national and international companies such as Global4Business AG, Steinke Immobilien & Hausverwaltung GmbH, Steinke Investment & Finance, TerraFuture AG, TerraFuture Holding AG, HUP Copper LLC, Trading4Future. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration in Germany. After graduation, he did various management consultant activities and also led the international telecommunications group Dolphin Telekom as...

Cord Kabus-Dupree • European Executive Director & Managing Member

Cord Kabus-Dupree • European Executive Director & Managing Member

He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from The Leibniz University Hannover and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Before joining the family office business in London, he was a partner in one of the leading Financial Advisory Company for healthcare executives in Germany. Languages Spoken - English, French,...

Miguel Gerardo Ramirez • European Sales Director & Managing Member

Miguel Gerardo Ramirez • European Sales Director & Managing Member

Founder and CEO of Drake Quality Goods and Company President of Grupo Inverama. He is involved in the sales industry since 2003. Located in Spain but always looking to establish long-term relations and keep track of suppliers and clients. Emphasis to develop safe and permanent lines of materials distribution worldwide, ensuring the top qualified service and relations...

Andy Peloquin  •  Global Sales Director & Managing Member

Andy Peloquin • Global Sales Director & Managing Member

A combat veteran, he has served 15 years as a Force Recon Marine with 10+ years in high threat environments performing special operations, diplomatic security, and advising special high threat humanitarian projects in over 60 countries. As a large-scale event emergency response planner, he got into the PPE industry to assist and source PPE products using his...

Stacey Victoria • Sales Director

Stacey Victoria • Sales Director

She holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from Michigan State University. She has lived in five states around the USA, working in hospitality and private aviation, network marketing, life insurance sales, and outdoor advertising.

George Kauper  •  Medical Rep

George Kauper • Medical Rep

A national and international sales and management professional, he is owner/broker for Kauper Realty LLC and also serves on the Board of Directors for Santo Mining (SANP.US). Before entering Miami’s Real Estate industry he was responsible for managing Marketing Communications and Sales Analysis for Nortel Networks. He quotes, “Being a Trusted Adviser to my business partners and...

Luiz Rodrigues  •  Medical Rep

Luiz Rodrigues • Medical Rep

A Biological Oceanographer and Tropical Rainforest Ecologist, he has been working with sustainability and environmental issues since the early 1980s. Previously, worked with the International Health Programs in California, an international NGO. He is dedicated to climate change solutions, urban sustainability, and environmental preservation.

Hall Kreitman • Medical Rep

Hall Kreitman • Medical Rep

Working as a chiropractor for over 17 years, he’s always been involved with the health and wellness domain. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls New York and began practicing in Florida in 1994. He is a former bodybuilder.

Khalil Khouri  •  Medical Rep

Khalil Khouri • Medical Rep

He is the COO of PADL LLC and also the VP of development for Lipocosm LLC. He has a background in robotics and aeronautics and holds degrees for Masters of Science in Engineering; Columbia University, and Masters of Real-estate Development; University of Miami.

Jade Kalbacher • Medical Rep

Jade Kalbacher • Medical Rep

She holds a Bachelor’s in Business of Science in finance from the University of Miami. She has experience in the finance and real estate sector. Fluent in Spanish, English, and Arabic. She believes in always pushing her limits.

Michael Farinas • Medical Rep

Michael Farinas • Medical Rep

An entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in sales in multiple sectors like healthcare products, medicine, and real estate. He is a strong-willed individual with a strong international network. He is the founder and investor of multiple businesses including WMMM Alternative Advertising and The Miami Insider.

Kyle Parker  •  Medical Rep

Kyle Parker • Medical Rep

A Healthcare IT recruiter, he has excelled within the industry. He has the drive and the determination to shine in any situation, in any task. He has a passion for the healthcare field and towards helping the world in today’s society. A multi-talented individual, he was an ex-professional soccer player as well.

Jessica Beckman  •  Medical Rep

Jessica Beckman • Medical Rep

An enthusiastic sales professional, she holds Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS) and Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM) degrees. With healthy and safety as the key focal points, she has been assisting start-ups in bringing innovative products to the airport concessions and the aircraft MRO markets. A multi-skilled personality, she works as a yacht charter broker and...

Fabian Arias  •  Medical Rep

Fabian Arias • Medical Rep

A self-motivated entrepreneur with years of experience under his belt. He custom build boats and provide luxury car transportation for the super yacht industry.

Darren Solanki  •  Medical Rep

Darren Solanki • Medical Rep

A 20-year technology veteran turned marketer, he is the Chief Executive Officer at Exotic Car Society. A natural networker and growth hacker, he has strategic and tactical experience across a variety of business segments like Healthcare, Automotive, Finance, and has an eye for creating business opportunities. When he’s not working, he likes to spend time with his wife...

Scott Schrey  •  Medical Rep

Scott Schrey • Medical Rep

A successful entrepreneur, raised in Boca Raton, now residing in Miami Beach. He believes in serving the society and the world at large and specializes in anti-addiction in his local community. He has various successful projects in the marketing and corporate merchandising domains.

Juan Morales  •  Medical Rep

Juan Morales • Medical Rep

Living in Miami since 2002, he is a highly creative and successful entrepreneur. Holds a degree in Architect from Jose Maria Vargas University Caracas – Venezuela. Ample experience in the design and execution of architectural projects along with time phasing planning and management.

Rachelle Ann Bautista • Paralegal

Rachelle Ann Bautista • Paralegal

With an extensive experience of more than 8 years as a paralegal, she brings knowledge and skills to the table with proven abilities in the legal and administrative domain. She uses her considerable multitasking skills and experience to provide detailed support to the senior counsel team and international clients.

Francois Saunar • Design

Francois Saunar • Design

Skilled graphic designer with over 5 years of experience working with digital marketing companies, specialized in branding and packaging.

Sarvottam Thakur • Social Media

Sarvottam Thakur • Social Media

A seasoned digital marketing specialist with experience in building and implementing strategies to deliver targeted KPI's. He has created, developed, and managed web marketing projects for various organizations.

Lea G. Romano • Office Administrator

Lea G. Romano • Office Administrator

A Certified Public Accountant with 6 years of experience in the private sector as an Internal Auditor and Accountant. Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper since 2017.

Supply Disaster strives to serve the healthcare industry by providing prompt, cost-effective,
reliable, and responsive delivery of medical supplies.











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