Join our Referral program.

Join our Referral Program and earn 5% Commission for all online Sales Orders of your Friends and clients. They have an advantage too - getting $10 off their first order.*

*Minimum purchase $100


What is Supply Disaster Referral Program?

In simple terms, we compensate you for promoting Supply Disaster online medical supplies store to your friends. All you need to do is refer Supply Disaster to your friends through your referral link. When they make their first purchase using that link you will earn 5% Commission for all online Sales Orders of your friends and clients. Moreover, they have an advantage too - getting $10 off their first order.*

*Minimum purchase $100.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Referral Program?

The amount of money that you can earn by the Supply Disaster Referral Program is unlimited. The more products purchased through your referrals, the more money you make.


Minimum Requirements:

There are as such no minimum requirements to join the Supply Disaster Referral Program. Anyone can join for free and refer our products to their friends.


We Encourage:

Along with referrals we also encourage to use hashtags like #supplydisaster #facemask #kn95facemask #medicalgloves, etc. related to our website and products. You can find more about hashtags by checking our different social media profiles.


We Discourage:

We strictly discourage the use of spamming methods to make referrals. A big ‘NO’ for sending spam emails or messages that contain links to our products or our website in any way.


How can you join the Supply Disaster Referral Program?

You can join the Supply Disaster referral program by signing up on our website. After the sign-up, we will send you our personalized Coupon code that your friends or clients can use to enable a $10 discount on their first purchase.


Benefits of Supply Disaster Referral Program:

Refer a friend and earn a 5% commission.

By referring Supply Disaster to your friends or clients, you get to be a part of an established brand name. You get the opportunity of joining the Supply Disaster team in the fight against the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, our ever-expanding product offerings and great prices mean higher conversion rates, in turn, enabling you to earn more commissions.


Subject to changes:

Supply Disaster Inc. reserves the right to make any cancellations or any changes in this referral program.


About Supply Disaster:

Supply Disaster, your number one source for online medical supplies. Born out of a need to help ease the cataclysmic effects of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Supply Disaster Inc. is dedicated to providing you the very best in medical supplies and equipment, with an emphasis on high-quality products and on-time delivery. All our products are safely stored in our United States warehouse.

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