Welcome to Supply Disaster, your number one source for online medical supplies. Born out of a need to help ease the Cataclysmic effects of the global pandemic – COVID19 – coronavirus, Supply Disaster Inc. is dedicated to providing you the very best of medical supplies and equipment, with an emphasis on providing high-quality products and on-time delivery.

Supply Disaster is a result of a collective team of exemplary experienced professionals from various verticals who have come together in this crisis and joined forces to provide aid. Their passion and determination to contribute to this fight against coronavirus drove them to start this online medical supplies store with the aim to provide effective solutions to the medical professionals, first responders, etc. We are thrilled that we are able to turn our passion into this website.

Supply Disaster offers great convenience in shopping medical supplies online within the comfort of your home. Also, it saves time and money. The user-friendly and efficient ordering structure is quite easy to understand.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us:

1.) We believe in high quality and exceptional customer service. Moreover, we always focus on delivering top-notch products at the most affordable prices.

2.) We aim to offer our customers a variety of medical supplies such as ventilators, disposable medical supplies like face masks, gloves, medical gowns, and hand sanitizers.

3.) Excellent customer service and friendly support.


With a motivated team, we keep evaluating our products in order to keep our services at the top and provide you a hassle-free experience.

All of our products are located in our Warehouses in Miami, United States. Thus, enabling us to deliver the products quickly and efficiently.

We ensure that the products are always delivered on time regardless of the location.

Our services include logistics, warehousing and support for the medical supplies we have sourced.


For any queries, questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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