Medical Gloves

It is essential for healthcare professionals and frontline warriors to wear ppe while performing their duties during the present crisis. One such part of the personal protective kit is gloves. Gloves provide a protective barrier for the wearer and help in reducing the risk of infections and cross-contamination. Protective gloves should be selected based on the hazards involved. For example, for protection against most chemicals, bodily fluids, and infectious agents, nitrile gloves are the best suitable option. While choosing gloves, people also tend to avoid latex gloves, as many people are allergic to this material. The medical gloves with various features like chemical resistance, puncture resistance, elasticity, non-sterile, sterile, etc. play an essential role in helping the healthcare professionals and frontline warriors in this fight against COVID-19.

Choosing the right gloves:

Choosing the right gloves for the job may seem easy, but not all gloves are the same or made with the same material. For instance, for jobs that require handling wet objects choose gloves with textured/roughened surfaces for optimum grip. Choose gloves that offer a perfect balance of durability, protection, and dexterity. Always ensure the gloves meet all the standards that are required for the job, such as sterile, surgical, etc. Also, consider the type, size, duration of contact, and comfort in cases of use for prolonged hours.

Remember, glove use and the need for hand hygiene is significant for all healthcare professionals and frontline warriors. Hand washing should occur before wearing gloves and after disposal of the gloves.

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