Face Shield

In addition to frequent hand washing, social distancing, and wearing face masks, the use of eye protection equipment, such as visors, goggles, and face shields may help keep you safe and stop further spread of COVID-19. 

Face shields have become an essential part of personal protective equipment. They have been used in healthcare settings for a while now, and have become a staple for medical personnel who have to deal with COVID-19 infected patients. There are many advantages to using a face shield. By using a face shield you get to avoid the struggle of regularly adjusting your face mask and the urge to pull the face mask under your chin while talking. Unlike a face mask, a face shield can prevent harmful respiratory droplets from getting into your eyes. There’s additional benefit in using face shields as well. Using face shield you would be protected against unwanted substances like fluid splashes, dust particles, etc.

Face shields are primarily used for eye protection for the wearer. Face shields that cover the face of the wearer, wrap around the sides, and extend below the chin may provide better protection in the present crisis. Face shields can be reused after proper cleaning and disinfecting after each use as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Disposable or single-use face shields should be worn only once and disposed of following proper instructions. Furthermore, wearing a mask along with a face shield offers additional protection to the wearer.

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