Cloth Face Mask

Wearing a cloth face mask may not be as effective as N95 respirator or 3ply surgical masks in preventing you from breathing in respiratory droplets that carry coronavirus, however, they may help protect the people around you in case you are infected, but don’t show any symptoms yet. In case of a shortage of medical face masks, cloth face masks are a suitable alternative for the common people. Thus, leaving the N95 respirators and surgical masks for healthcare professionals and frontline warriors. Face masks also prevent you from touching your face and remind you to maintain physical distancing. Wearing face masks could help in slowing the spread of the virus.

Despite the growing number of people who are lenient with social distancing and mask usage, let’s practice and encourage proper hygiene, social distancing, and a positive outlook in the present challenging times. Be safe, follow preventive measures, and don’t forget to mask up!

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