• Ben Lukas • COO & Partner

    Ben Lukas  •  COO & Partner
    CEO of The Miami Insider and Commercial Sales Director for House Yacht Living. After relocating from New York City in 2015, he has successfully directed and spearheaded various sales strategies at the corporate level over the last 8+ years. With focus to details and education he believes that team building is the cornerstone for success.
  • Claudia Trimde • CFO & Co Founder

    Claudia Trimde  •  CFO & Co Founder
    Daughter of renowned Dr.Trimde with clinic in Germany and Grand Daughter of Doctor of Dentistry in Berlin, Claudia Trimde grew up surrounded by a medical environment. Master of Arts in Business Management, graduated with honors and scholarship at the University of Miami and Glasgow University. E-Commerce and Business Technology Consultant. International award-winning Publisher and Founder of worldwide Le City Deluxe Group. Published journalist, book...
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