• Claudia Trimde • COO & Co Founder

    Claudia Trimde  •  COO & Co Founder

    Daughter of renowned Dr.Trimde with clinic in Germany and Grand Daughter of Doctor of Dentistry in Berlin, Claudia Trimde grew up surrounded by a medical environment. Master of Arts in Business Management, graduated with honors and scholarship at the University of Miami and Glasgow University. E-Commerce and Business Technology Consultant....

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  • Marius Koller • CEO & Co Founder

    Marius Koller  •  CEO & Co Founder

    Education in Import & Export with studies in Business and Marketing at BWA Munich. Co-Founder of House Yacht Living, Founder of Global Assets Consulting, RA at BHS and Business Broker Florida Member. Former: Co-Founder of Body Health Center, Manager at Paracelsus Schools - No. 1 training institute for alternative healing...

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